What we do – Our Programs

GFWC Georgia works locally and internationally to bring about positive change with an unwavering dedication to community improvement through volunteer service. Simply put, we impact lives, through acts large and small.

By joining our club or any woman’s club in your area, you have the opportunity to work with other women to improve the social, cultural and physical needs in your city or town. In so doing, you will meet and make new friends, gain in knowledge, and become a better citizen of your community.

We promise you that through membership in GFWC Georgia you will grow as a person in leadership and will bring new interests into your home. We believe much more can be accomplished when there are many working together in the same interest and belief than when trying to act as an individual.

Clubwomen are encouraged to select work wherein their interest lies. There is something for everyone who becomes a member of the Federation. Click here to learn more about our six Community Service Programs:

Community Service Programs include:
• Arts & Culture
• Civic Engagement & Outreach
• Education & Libraries
• Environment
• Health & Wellness

Special Project Committees include:
• Domestic Violence
• Community Improvement
• Tallulah Falls School (founded by GFWC Georgia in 1909)
• 1734 Society

Advancement Areas include:
• Communications & Public Relations
• Public Policy & Legislation
• Membership
• Fundraising
• Leadership Development
• Women’s History & Resource Center



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