Our History/Leadership

Our history begins in the year 1895 at the Cotton States Exposition.  Atlanta was the host of the magnificent Cotton States Expositions. These Expositions demonstrated to the nation the kinds of products and talents available in the state of Georgia.  It was during this same year, 1895, in the Woman’s Building of the Cotton States and International Exposition  hall that the Biennial Council of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs was held.   Our founder, Rebecca Douglas Lowe attended GFWC’s presentation and was inspired to create the first woman’s club in Atlanta for the Federation.

The Elberton Georgia Sorosis and the Atlanta Woman’s Club, both already members of the General Federation, took the initiative of inviting women from all over the state to gather together and consider the advantages of Federation.  Minutes written on October 29, 1896 list sixteen varied organizations as Charter Clubs of the new Federation with Rebecca Douglas Lowe at the helm.  For many years, GFWC Georgia had 16 Districts throughout the state. They later downsized to 10 districts and remained that way until 2014 when it was voted at their State Convention in 2013, held in Athens Georgia to redistrict yet again. It was decided that the Districts needed to re-distribute the clubs and their members in a more equitable manner throughout the State.  The goal was to create six new districts.

In 2014, GFWC Georgia and the ten districts appointed transition teams to define and create the six new districts. The Transition Team’s duties were to assist the State in transitioning the former 10 Districts to the newly created 6 Districts.  Club members of the newly formed Transition Teams worked closely together to reorganize the distribution of the clubs and to create new bylaws and standing rules for these new districts.  They researched and nominated competent candidates for the first executive board of each new district.

In the Fall of 2015, the Transition Team hosted the first official meeting for the newly created North West District.  At this meeting for the first time, members of the 4th, 5th and 7th Districts came together for the first time.  The Transition Team presented a welcome video for club members which consisted of 18 all clubs within the new North West District. (View video here).  At this meeting, a slate of candidates was presented to the membership and the members voted on their very first administration for the North West District.

The very first meeting of the North West District was held on November 5, 2016 in Calhoun Georgia and was presided over by our first North West District President, Ales Campbell.

The members of this transition team, who worked harmoniously and diligently to establish a firm foundation, consisted of: Kathy Hanna and Linda Mote from the 4th District, Cimi Douglass and Ruth Yurchuck from the 5th District and Patty Hosea and Ales Campbell from the 7th District.

2020-2022 Elected Officers

  • Cimi Douglass, President.  Her Symbol: GFWC Tree of Life.  Her Theme. “Love Grows Here”  Special Project: Children’s Charities across the State.
  • Julie Bates, 1st VP/Membership
  • Maria Barnhart, 2nd VP
  • Brenda Worley, Treasurer
  • Diane Norris, Parliamentarian
  • Sharon Cannon Recording Secretary
  • Susie Parnes, Corresponding Secretary

2018-2020 Elected Officers

  • Karen Clydesdale, President.  Her Symbol: The Hydrangea.  Her Theme:  “United in friendship understanding and devotion…Strengthened by gratitude, compassion and diversity.”  Special Project: The Pajama Program.
  • Cimi Douglass, 1st Vice President
  • Julie Bates, 2nd Vice President
  • Faye Cashwell, Treasurer
  • Ales Campbell, Parliamentarian
  • Diane Norris, Recording Secretary
  • Gretchen Butler, Corresponding Secretary

2016-2018 Elected Officers:

  • Ales Campbell, President.  Her Symbol: The Hummingbird.  Her Theme: “The smallest wings can make the most difficult journey when that journey is flown with love, courage determination, and God’s direction, mercy, and grace.”  Special Project: America’s Amazing Armed Services.  2016-18 NW Yearbook on file.
  • Karen Clydesdale, 1st Vice President
  • Cimi Douglass, 2nd VP
  • Candi Hampton, Jr. Director
  • Faye Cashwell, Treasurer
  • Patsy Carlton, Parliamentarian
  • Stacie Janecki, Recording Secretary
  • Jo Anne Garmany, Corresponding Secretary


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