Love Grows Here

President’s Message

Welcome to GFWC Georgia’s North West District and thank you for visiting our website.  I believe that every day is an opportunity to give your best, to move out of your comfort zone, and to be all that you can be.  So how can you achieve this goal?  Ask yourself “what are my unique talents and skills, and where do I fit in?”  GFWC has the answer to that question.  By joining a local club, you will be presented with new challenges, discover hidden talents and grow personally.  You will meet and make new friends, expand your knowledge of the needs in your community to become a better citizen of your own community.  Through membership in one of our GFWC Georgia local clubs, you will have the opportunity to work with other women to improve the social, cultural and physical needs in your city or town.  As a nonprofit charitable organization, we not only want to help the community around us, but we also want to help each and every one of you live your life with purpose.  We feel that once you find that purpose, it will turn into “passion,” and that is when you will be at your best.

My symbol for this term is “The North West District Tree of Life” which has each of our 14 clubs shown on each branch and our overall theme for the next two years is “Love Grows Here.”  Every President provides a quote which serves as a mission statement for their term – my quote is “Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, but our roots keep us grounded together, spreading peace, love & kindness to everyone we meet because “Love Grows Here.”

As President, I want our members take a few lessons from trees and be reminded to Stay grounded, Connect with your roots, Turn over a new leaf, bend before your break, Enjoy your unique natural beauty and last but certainly not least, Keep growing.

I would like to invite you to take time to our District Club page to find a club near you or simply fill out the Contact Us form listed in this website.  We need volunteers and together we can continue to spread love, kindness and overall assistance to the community around us!

Love Grows Here,

Cimi Douglass

2020-2022 North West District President

About our North West District:

We are members of The General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) and the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC Georgia.)  GFWC is a nonprofit organization with nearly 80,000 members united in its dedication to volunteer community service.Our international umbrella organization breaks down into regions, states, districts and clubs.  Our North West District reports to GFWC Georgia which in turn reports to GFWC.  Our State also belongs to the Southern Region.

Our State organization, GFWC Georgia has 75 clubs across the State of Georgia with approximately 2,000 members. The overall purpose of GFWC Georgia is to carry out charitable service programs, provide leadership opportunities, and enrich the lives of its members through personal growth. Similar to GFWC, our State office, GFWC Georgia provides us the tools and resources we need to become vital charitable partners within our communities.  While diverse in age, interests, and experiences, all clubwomen are united by a desire to create positive change in their communities.

The purpose of the North West District is to connect our 14 clubs by bringing them together twice a year to conduct business and bridge the gap between our clubs and our State by relaying messages, protocols, guidelines from our State while serving as a resource, exchange ideas and club methods. We will strive to provide our Clubs and its members the tools and resources they need to become vital charitable partners within their communities. As of 2020 our District reported a total of 14 local clubs with approximately 420 members across our District.

We host District Meetings twice a year “It’s not just a meeting it’s an experience.”  Attendance at our district meetings is always a special time for all of us to come together to meet new friends across our district, to recognize accomplishments, to share ideas, hands on activities, to inspire each other and to create a vision of GFWC Georgia beyond the club level.

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